Jun 28, 2009

Another one

Event Stats:
Name Metropol Marathon Fürth
Date 06/28/2009
Location Fürth, Germany
Event Marathon
Finish Time 04:22:39

Jun 22, 2009

Running in circles

Event Stats:
Name24 Stundenlauf Stadtoldendorf
Date 06/20/2009
Location Stadtoldendorf,Germany
Event 24h run
Finishing Distance 150.4 km
Actually I just wanted to try a 100k run,but there wasn’t anything suitable,so I signed up for this one,thinking I’ll just run my 100k and call it a day. The field is pretty small,since the German 24h runnning Championship is on at the same time &location (but on a 3k loop course). For me it’s running on the track,counterclockwise,over and over. The best description of my race experience is probably from my twitter posts:
17:00 61x 400m in 3h so far…
18:55 100 in 4.53
20:00 25%,6 hrs.:118 laps = 47.2 km,light rain
00:00 Midnight:11 hrs in the race,187 laps,getting tough
00:10 aehm,10 hrs. In the race
02:16 Halftime:121 laps,88km. Feel like shit. Wish for sunrise
04:12 Primary Mission accomplished:100km in the bag. 3:50
06:05 Starting the last third. 280 laps complete. The sun is up but I have some severe blisters
07:27 Raining for the last 2 hrs. Doesn’t help with the blisters. 300 laps done
10:09 4 hrs. to go. 339 laps. Blisters real bad. Livemusic about to start,maybe this give a boost
14:00 It is over,376 laps,150.4 km,1st place. Home &resting
All in all a great community race,a ton of fun,would reccomend this one anytime!!