Feb 21, 2006

Books and crazy ideas

Borders.com Sent me a coupon for 20% off of any book that expired today.

So I went to Borders to look for a book. Got an idea. Since I bough me a bike (which I didn't use so far), it might be good to buy a book on bikes as well. You know, just the basics, maintenance, how to sit correctly and so on.

Went to the sports book section. Found a book on bikes. Also found a book called "Becoming An Ironman" (ISBN 1-891369-31-8) which contains personal stories of Ironman first-timers. Bought the latter. Also bought "Triathlon Training". Did not buy a book on bikes.

At night I read both books about halfway trough.

23.00 Checked the Ironman Website. Almost everything for this year is sold out. Florianopolis in Brazil is not. May 28th. A little under 13 weeks. The last time I have ridden a bike for more than 30 mins was 7 years ago. Swimming more or less the same. Marathon I am currently training on (LA, March 19th).

Hmmmmm, I think I will sleep on it.

01.30 Can't sleep. Read more Ironman stories. Read up to the chapter of the DNFs (Did not finish). Talk to my girlfriend, she is skeptical, but fine with the idea (but she gave me hell about buying the bike). Check the training book again. There is a 12 week training schedule for an Ironman included.

It reads: "You should have some triathlon experience. You need to comfortably swim 1km, cycle 60km and run 12km, and you should be training regularly" OK, forget the first sentence. That's much to vague for me. What does comfortably mean? Given all the time in the world I can definitely do the requirements. Or does that mean all in one day? Oh, what the heck, I think I'll just try.

02:10 Signed up for Ironman Brazil.

Feb 16, 2006

Bought me a bike

Bought me a road-bike at Performance Bikes in Santa Monica.

Great Place, great bike, great price.

I just figured, a bike might help me loose some weight and cycling is probably a nice way to see the area around here.

Feb 9, 2006


Amazon just sent me my new Body Scale. I refuse to admit that it probably works correctly.

Anyhow, lets face the facts: I am

a) to heavy
b) to fat
c) my biological age is much higher than my real age

See, and I just spend over a hundred buck to get my day ruined. Isn't life great?

Feb 5, 2006

Not in Kansas anymore

Event Stats:
Name Pacific Shoreline Halfmarathon
Date 02/05/2006
Location Huntington Beach, CA, USA
Event Halfmarathon
Finish Time 02:09:22

Went out way to fast, didn't get enough drink in and bonked. End of story. I better adapt to the climate in California.

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