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I am an Ironman

Event Stats:
Name Brasil Telecom Ironman
Date 05/28/2006 
Location Florianopolis, SC, Brazil
Finish Time 13:27:23

Playa del Run #2 Santa Monica

Event Stats:
Name Playa del Run #2 Santa Monica
Date 05/21/2006
Location Santa Monica, CA, USA
Event Aquathon
Finish Time 00:49:31

This race for me showed very nicely why it makes sense to train in a group and not as a loner. 
The morning after my bike race. Early. I was tired. I would have never gotten up on my own (especially since I signed up for this race just as training session). But my buddy Doug would be racing. So I figured, I would at least go there and cheer him on. And if I was going out, I might just as well bring the race gear. 
Got there, found Doug, had a coffee, set up my stuff and - yes, you guessed it - got ready to race. 
The swim ist just a big U, basically you swim from Santa Monica beach until after the breakers, a couple of hundred yards to the right, and back in. The you have to run back to transition, which rather sucks, because it is a) long and b) in loose sand. I changed, lost way to much time in transition, and then started for the short run (5km). The run is …

Breakaway San Clemente Challenge

Event Stats:
Name Breakaway San Clemente Challenge
Date 05/20/2006 
Location Oceanside, CA, USA
Event Century Bike Ride
Finish Time N/A

Nice 100km bikeride, untimed, with 2 nasty climbs, apparently at least partly on the Oceanside IM 70.3 bike course.

Playa del Run #1 Mission Bay

Event Stats:
Name Playa del Run #1 Mission Bay
Date 05/14/2006
Location Mission Bay, CA, USA
Event Aquathon
Finish Time 00:55:21

Three things are worth noting about this race. First, it is held at Mission Bay, which most people know because it is where Sea World is, but it is also considered the birthplace of triathlon. 
Second, cheaters!!! The swim was held in a little bay with an island in the middle. The idea was to swim around the island and back to the start. The water level was rather low, which meant, that, if you swam to close to the island, you would swim in mud. So what do people do? They simply get out of the water, run across the island, jump back in and swim back. I was one of the very few that simply swam a longer course to stay in deeper water. 
I don't really care about placing. If I wanted to be better, I would eat less. I just think there is something seriously wrong with cheaters. After the race I even listened to a woman, telling that she ran across the island &quo…

Nutrition Corner: After workout food

Ok, here is the thing. You worked out. You nearly choked on your energy bar. (Can you still say peanut-butter with a smile in your face?) Gulped down your Gatorade. Now the workout is done and you need to replenish your glycogen depots. What will you eat?

Protein shake? Another energy bar? PB/J sandwich? Can you? Still? Everyday? Not me. I need real food. So we do some pasta instead. Problem: you have only half an hour go get your food in to minimize your recovery period. So pasta is out. (Or you cook it in advance and just microwave it. But that, to me, sounds disgusting.

Here is my recipe for the - in my opinion almost perfect - after workout food:
1 can of corn
1 can of tuna (in water)
Peper, Salt, Tobasco and Lea&Perrins Worchester Sauce
Open cans, mix. Spice to discretion (BBQ sauce or A1 will also do for a change). Eat.

The food comes canned, so you can store it, you can even make that dish in your car. It is spicy, not sweet, you get both carbs and protein, as well as…

Los Angeles Marathon

Event Stats:
Name Los Angeles Marathon
Date 03/19/2006
Location Los Angeles, CA, USA
Event Marathon
Finish Time 04:17:27

For me, the worst part of a marathon is not the running, it is getting up at 4 AM. But the weather was nice, clear sky and cold. SoCal cold, that is. So I packed my stuff and drove downtown. Here the problem started. Most of the freeway exits that were mentioned in the driving directions to the marathon site were closed; due to the marathon. Asking police and other officials blocking the streets to the marathon were also not very helpful, since they referred me to other roads that were also closed. Finally I got where I wanted to go,without seeing a single ‘Go-here-for-marathon-parking’sign. Is everyone just supposed to know his way around L.A.?

Having signed up with the L.A. roadrunners for training gave me access to a hotel directly next to the starting block, so the time directly before the race was quite relaxed. Drank some Gatorade, had a bagel with turkey breast an…

Books and crazy ideas Sent me a coupon for 20% off of any book that expired today.

So I went to Borders to look for a book. Got an idea. Since I bough me a bike (which I didn't use so far), it might be good to buy a book on bikes as well. You know, just the basics, maintenance, how to sit correctly and so on.

Went to the sports book section. Found a book on bikes. Also found a book called "Becoming An Ironman" (ISBN 1-891369-31-8) which contains personal stories of Ironman first-timers. Bought the latter. Also bought "Triathlon Training". Did not buy a book on bikes.

At night I read both books about halfway trough.

23.00 Checked the Ironman Website. Almost everything for this year is sold out. Florianopolis in Brazil is not. May 28th. A little under 13 weeks. The last time I have ridden a bike for more than 30 mins was 7 years ago. Swimming more or less the same. Marathon I am currently training on (LA, March 19th).

Hmmmmm, I think I will sleep on it.

01.30 Can't sle…

Bought me a bike

Bought me a road-bike at Performance Bikes in Santa Monica.

Great Place, great bike, great price.

I just figured, a bike might help me loose some weight and cycling is probably a nice way to see the area around here.


Amazon just sent me my new Body Scale. I refuse to admit that it probably works correctly.

Anyhow, lets face the facts: I am

a) to heavy
b) to fat
c) my biological age is much higher than my real age

See, and I just spend over a hundred buck to get my day ruined. Isn't life great?

Not in Kansas anymore

Event Stats:
Name Pacific Shoreline Halfmarathon
Date 02/05/2006
Location Huntington Beach, CA, USA
Event Halfmarathon
Finish Time 02:09:22

Went out way to fast, didn't get enough drink in and bonked. End of story. I better adapt to the climate in California.