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Event Stats:
Frankfurt Marathon
Date 10/31/2010
Location Frankfurt, Germany
Finish Time 04:20:31

Mein vierter Frankfurt Marathon, das Wetter wie immer gut, kühl und sonnig. Ich laufe die ersten 30 Kilometer mit Markus Z., etwas zu schnell für mich. Den Rest dann ein wenig langsamer, aber insgesamt ein guter Ausklang für die Saison.

Keiner da

Event Stats:
München Marathon
Date 10/10/2010
Location München, Germany
Finish Time 04:42:28

Das war dann wohl das exakte Gegenteil von Köln. Absolut nix los auf der Gasse, selbst den Marienplatz habe ich nie so leer gesehen. Am Vorabend zu viel Weizen.

Karneval in Kölle

Event Stats:
Köln Marathon
Date 10/03/2010
Location Köln, Germany
Finish Time 04:59:30

I think I have never had that much beer during a race, great weather, great crowd, a huge party.

Quiet, so quiet

Event Stats:
Helsinki Marathon
Date 08/14/2010
Location Helsinki, Finland
Finish Time 04:58:41

Great weekend in Helsinki with my girlfriend, the race was surprisingly hilly. The weirdest thing was the utter quiet on the course, not for the lack of spectators, but the Fins cheer in whispers.


Event Stats:
Name Swiss Alpine K78
Date 07/31/2010
Location Davos,Switzerland
Finish Time 14:11:41

Tough, tough race. Maybe training would have helped :-(

Thank you ARQUE

Event Stats:
Name METRO Group Marathon Düsseldorf
Date 05/02/2010
Location Düsseldorf,Germany
Finish Time 04:36:59
I didnt’t train,am totally unfit,but I won the race entry (and a stay at the great Radisson Blue not 500m from the start line) from ARQUE,so I figured I couldn’t cheat out of this one.
The run went surprisingly well and I am super happy with the result.

A happy new year

Event Stats:
Name Neujahrsmarathon Zuerich
Date 01/01/2010
Location Zürich,Switzerland
Finish Time 04:46:33
…starts with a good run. At exactly midnight we are sent off on a 10k loop course. Rainy,cold,somewhat bizarre,but at 5 AM on Jan. 1st I already have the first marathon in the can :-))