May 27, 2007

Where have all the people gone?

Event Stats:
Name Coeur D'Alene Marathon
Date 05/27/2007
Location Coeur D'Alene, ID, USA
Event Marathon
Finish Time 04:03:49

May 13, 2007

Backing it up :-)

Event Stats:
Name Tacoma City Marathon
Date 05/13/2007
Location Tacoma, WA, USA
Event Marathon
Finish Time 03:48:58

May 6, 2007

Rain + Cold = Fast

Event Stats:
Name Vancouver Marathon
Date 05/06/2007
Location Vancouver, BC, CA
Event Marathon
Finish Time 03:50:41

Tuna, candied and dried - An Alinea recipe

This one is meant as an amuse-gueule, in Alineas winter menu being served directly after the famous  hot potato/cold potato dish. ...