Jun 11, 2008

Back (Sort of)

Pretty much exactly 5 months after my meniscus surgery, I am back running. It is hard to feel the heart racing, the muscles aching, out of shape, out of breath, after a round in the park, after, what a year a go would barely have been a recovery run. Yes, consciously I know that I'll be back in shape within a couple of weeks; still, it sucks. On the other hand, today I finished (with a lot of walking breaks and in a terrible time, but I finished) by first half-marathon. Not an official event, just running the distance, but that is all that matters for the moments. I'm back. Ironman UK is on Sept. 7.

Tuna, candied and dried - An Alinea recipe

This one is meant as an amuse-gueule, in Alineas winter menu being served directly after the famous  hot potato/cold potato dish. ...