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Deja Vu

When skydiving, if your parachute doesn't open and you land on your reserve chute, you are encouraged to immediately jump again to get the negative experience out of your head.

With this anecdote I contacted the organizers of Ironman Switzerland and asked for an entry into the Zurich race. Switzerland being Switzerland no discussion was needed, a couple of hundred Fränkli and I was in.

Although both Frankfurt and Zürich are rather large cities and both Ironman races are to a certain degree held in downtown, the first thing I noticed when I arrived on Saturday afternoon was the stark contrast in the organization. Zurich, though having the Zurich triathlon, an olympic tri which is now part of the 5150 series on Saturday, just felt a lot smaller. Registration and bike check in were done in one sweep within 15 minutes at the shore on lake Zurich. Transition bags? Yeah, you can just leave them here or bring them tomorrow, or whatever.

Early dinner, off to bed at the great hotel Engima…

Reality Check

Last year sport certainly was the focus of my life, with project James and it's preparation. This year, not so much. James took more out of me, both physically and psychologically, and with a somewhat new job, other things took precedence. As far as I can tell - and the spring marathon times support this - I am well recovered, but I am also heavier (read fatter) than ever, with a whopping 20 pounds more than last summer. Combine that with zero training (other than some running), and here I am at the starting line of The Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt. Total swimming distance this year? Five km. Total bike? About 100 km, but only if I count the times that I rode the mountain bike to go for coffee.

Morning bath a.k.a. the Swim

What can I say, swimming still comes naturally and is probably about the only sport aside from sumo wresting where being fat is actually helpful. I found some good feet to stay behind at and some other body parts to push off from early on and had a …