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Bike Training - What Bike training?

Event Stats:
Name Ford Ironman 70.3 California
Date 03/31/2007
Location Oceanside, CA, USA
Event Half Ironman
Finish Time 05:57:27

 People come to Southern California because it’s always warm and sunny, right? That thought went through my head, when I was standing in Transition at 6:30 with temperatures in the lower 50s, my naked feet on the concrete floor that sucked every bit of warmth out of my body. Waiting for my wave of the swim start was probably the worst part of the whole race. It actually felt warm when I finally entered the water, although it only had 59F.

The swim itself, a short out-and-back in the Oceanside marina was uneventful, and - due to the wave start - not even crowded. A quick transition and off I was on my bike.

I had ordered myself a brand new bike (a Quintana Roo Tequilo). It arrived a day before I started my trip to California, so I didn’t even have the saddle height adjusted when I got to SoCal. The last time I had ridden a bike before that day? Sometime in June …

The Race That Disappeared

Event Stats:
Name Shamrock Half Marathon
Date 03/18/2007
Location Millersylvania State Park, WA, USA
Event Halfmarathon
Finish Time 01:48:42

Here is what I know: I drove to Millersylvania State Park on April 17, I ran a Half-marathon there, there were other runners there (although not many and I finished in 1:48:42. I also remember signing up (and paying) for this race. 
 It was a out-and back race, rolling hills, on a street through the state-park. Weather was OK, not too cold, some rain, but not bad. I actually ran quite well and I think I finished fourth. 
However, I can not find anything about that race online. It is like it never happened. Strange. Very strange.
[Update 01/13/13 Found the results list]

Frankfurter City-Halbmarathon

Event Stats:
Name Frankfurter City-Halbmarathon
Date 03/04/2007
Location Frankfurt, Germany
Event Halfmarathon
Finish Time 02:10:12

Small(er) race organized by Frankfurts most prominent running club. Early Sunday morning start means a pretty empty city. Run went OK for the first part, but I bonked pretty hard at about km 15. Good early season race.