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Running up the hill

Event Stats: Name Immenstädter Gebirgsmarathon
Date 08/01/2009
Location Immenstadt,Germany
Event Mountain Marathon
Finish Time 08:14:02

After having a ton of fun at last weeks marathon in the Algäu region,I figured I might just do it again. Found a cheap hotel and took the train down on Friday afternoon. The town –more a village actually –itself has not much to offer,so it was just dinner and off to bed early. (As almost every time) I was ill prepared for the race,not only physically,but also as far as knowing what the race is about. I had assumed it is called Gebirgsmarathon (mountain marathon),because it is held in a mountainous region of Germany and probably has some hills in it’s course. ‘Some hills’in numbers translated to 2700m (8100 ft.) of difference in altitude uphill and 2400m (7200 ft.) downhill. Subtracting about 7km of course that was more-or-less level,that means 35km with a total difference in altitude of 5100m,resulting in an !average! incline of 14.5 percent. A category one…