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Event Stats:
Name Commerzbank Frankfurt Marathon
Date 10/25/2009
Location Frankfurt,Germany
Finish Time 04:13:18
Good race,great organization as always,but way to crowded after the race. So I run another 12k out of town,to find a somewhat empty McD ;-)

Running up the hill

Event Stats: Name Immenstädter Gebirgsmarathon
Date 08/01/2009
Location Immenstadt,Germany
Event Mountain Marathon
Finish Time 08:14:02

After having a ton of fun at last weeks marathon in the Algäu region,I figured I might just do it again. Found a cheap hotel and took the train down on Friday afternoon. The town –more a village actually –itself has not much to offer,so it was just dinner and off to bed early. (As almost every time) I was ill prepared for the race,not only physically,but also as far as knowing what the race is about. I had assumed it is called Gebirgsmarathon (mountain marathon),because it is held in a mountainous region of Germany and probably has some hills in it’s course. ‘Some hills’in numbers translated to 2700m (8100 ft.) of difference in altitude uphill and 2400m (7200 ft.) downhill. Subtracting about 7km of course that was more-or-less level,that means 35km with a total difference in altitude of 5100m,resulting in an !average! incline of 14.5 percent. A category one…

Family weekend

Event Stats:
Name Königsschlösser-Romantikmarathon
Date 07/28/2009
Location Füssen,Germany
Finish Time 04:49:51
Visited my aunt &uncle for a great weekend with a wonderful,scenic race through the Allgäu. Anyone from overseas coming to Germany,this is your race!

A great little race

Event Stats:
Name Nachtmarathon Marburg
Date 07/03/2009
Location Marburg,Germany
Finish Time 04:47:16

Another one

Event Stats:
Name Metropol Marathon Fürth
Date 06/28/2009
Location Fürth, Germany
Finish Time 04:22:39

Running in circles

Event Stats:
Name24 Stundenlauf Stadtoldendorf
Date 06/20/2009
Location Stadtoldendorf,Germany
Event24h run
Finishing Distance 150.4 km
Actually I just wanted to try a 100k run,but there wasn’t anything suitable,so I signed up for this one,thinking I’ll just run my 100k and call it a day. The field is pretty small,since the German 24h runnning Championship is on at the same time &location (but on a 3k loop course). For me it’s running on the track,counterclockwise,over and over. The best description of my race experience is probably from my twitter posts:
17:00 61x 400m in 3h so far…
18:55 100 in 4.53
20:00 25%,6 hrs.:118 laps = 47.2 km,light rain
00:00 Midnight:11 hrs in the race,187 laps,getting tough
00:10 aehm,10 hrs. In the race
02:16 Halftime:121 laps,88km. Feel like shit. Wish for sunrise
04:12 Primary Mission accomplished:100km in the bag. 3:50
06:05 Starting the last third. 280 laps complete. The sun is up but I have some severe blisters
07:27 Raining for the last 2 hrs. Does…

Deep in the heart of nowhere

Event Stats:
Name Bödefelder Hollenlauf
Date 05/09/2009
Location Bödefeld
Finish Time 06:26:28
Not much to say about this one,the marathon is more of an attachment to the 100k that is the main attraction here. Its a trail run,some ups and downs,but very doable after all. I don’t feel to well (maybe Oettinger Weizen @Dr.B.s birthday last night has something to do with it) and take it very slow. At the end I meet a nice guy with whom I walk the last 5k or so,otherwise I would probably finished in under 6h, but it doesn’t matter anyhow. Planned on running the Mannheim marathon in the evening, instead I call it a day and have birthday dinner with my mom.


Event Stats:
Name Metro Group Marathon Düsseldorf
Date 05/03/2009
Location Düsseldorf,Germany
Finish Time 04:23:22
2 Days after my Paris endeavor,I don’t have any great expectations for this one. I attach myself to the 4:30 pace group and plan to stick with them until I drop. However,the run goes great,it’s rather cool,I find my rhythm,and even manage to put in a very decent time for the last 5k. Stefan is happy :-)

Fracking Frogs

Event Stats:
Name Marathon De Senart
Date 05/01/2009
Location Tigery to Combs La Ville,France
Finish Time 04:40:43
French regulations require me to have have a (French,are there any others?) medical doctor to attest my fitness to participate in a marathon,which I am told on race morning. Loud aggressive shouting and threats of physical violence towards the race organizers gets me an exception to the rule.
Some advise to CarreFour,the main sponsor:Only because a drink has about 25kcal/100ml doesn’t make it a sports drink,you stupid fracks. Your stuff had exact 0 salts. Did anyone wonder why there were so many people cramping?
The race itself is great,about 20 miles outside of Paris,through fields and small village,lots of friendly folks.

Seat recline

Some aircrafts, like older Boeings,  sometimes come with emergency exit seats that don’t recline, even if the seatback would not get in the way. A 10mm wrench (make sure to get a short one, due to Airport security restrictions) resolves that problem. As with the lavatories, make sure you leave your seat like you found it would like to find it.

I have been accepted into the InSane AsyLum

I am very happy to announce that I have found a new home in the InSane AsyLum (#1444) and am now officially affiliated with the Marathon Maniacs.

I'm back (For real this time)

Event Stats:
Name Maraton de Santiago
Date 04/05/2009
Location Santiago, Chile
Event Marathon
Finish Time 04:19:05


Millions for the incompetent challenged Detroit car makers? Billions for those greedy, irresponsible poor banks? Interest freeze on mortgages or car dealers buying out Opel? Now here's a new concept: German Federal Police announced today that their Blacklist of sites that contain Child porn will only contain sites hosted outside the European Union. That surely takes the cake as far as protectionism go. Happy filming ;-P Original report (in German) here

1500 ft. below

Event Stats:
Name Merkerser Kristallmarathon
Date 02/22/2009
Location Merkers, Germany
Event Marathon
Finish Time 04:48:07