Salad, Red Wine Vinaigrette - An Alinea Recipe

This is, if you have the necessary equipment, the easiest ever Alinea recipe. You need a juicer and a freezer. And a fork.

The idea, and that probably is the essential Modernist approach, is to take something that is perfectly fine, and present it in a way that is substantially different, yet somehow remains true to the model. The showcase here is salad, resented as a slushy ice.

Part 1: Salad Ice

We juice Arugula,  Romaine and Spinach and freezer the juice. As simple as that.
Salad Juice before going in the freezer

Part 2: Vinegar Ice

Thought it didn't get any easier. Wrong. We freeze vinegar.

Part 3: Assemble and serve:

Using a fork, scrape of salad ice, resulting in some slightly slushy, crystalline salad ice. Leave the salad ice on the countertop for a few minutes if the scraping off doesn't wok. Do the same with the frozen vinegar. Drizzle some olive oil and sprinkle some salt flakes and pepper on top and voila. A Michelin star raw food salad slushy. Doesn't take have bad.

Part 4: The recipe

  • Juicer
  • Martini glasses
Salad Ice
500 g spinach
250 g arugula
250 g romaine

Juice spinach, arugula and romaine in juicer. Strain through fine meshed sieve. Pour into silicone baking form to depth of 2 cm and freeze.

Vinegar Ice
100 g red wine vinegar

Pour vinegar into small plastic container to depth of 1 cm and freeze.

To Assemble and Serve
5 g olive oil
5 g Fleur de Sel
2 g black pepper

Using fork, scrape salad ice with long strokes until granular and slightly slushy. Using fork, scrape vinegar ice with long strokes until granular and slightly slushy. Spoon 2 large spoonful lettuce ice into Martini glass. Top with small amount of vinegar ice. Garnish with olive oil, a pinch of fleur de sel and pinch of pepper.