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Los Angeles Marathon

Event Stats:
Name Los Angeles Marathon
Date 03/19/2006
Location Los Angeles, CA, USA
Event Marathon
Finish Time 04:17:27

For me, the worst part of a marathon is not the running, it is getting up at 4 AM. But the weather was nice, clear sky and cold. SoCal cold, that is. So I packed my stuff and drove downtown. Here the problem started. Most of the freeway exits that were mentioned in the driving directions to the marathon site were closed; due to the marathon. Asking police and other officials blocking the streets to the marathon were also not very helpful, since they referred me to other roads that were also closed. Finally I got where I wanted to go,without seeing a single ‘Go-here-for-marathon-parking’sign. Is everyone just supposed to know his way around L.A.?

Having signed up with the L.A. roadrunners for training gave me access to a hotel directly next to the starting block, so the time directly before the race was quite relaxed. Drank some Gatorade, had a bagel with turkey breast an…