The Race That Disappeared

Event Stats:
Name Shamrock Half Marathon
Date 03/18/2007
Location Millersylvania State Park, WA, USA
Event Halfmarathon
Finish Time 01:48:42

Here is what I know: I drove to Millersylvania State Park on April 17, I ran a Half-marathon there, there were other runners there (although not many and I finished in 1:48:42. I also remember signing up (and paying) for this race. 

 It was a out-and back race, rolling hills, on a street through the state-park. Weather was OK, not too cold, some rain, but not bad. I actually ran quite well and I think I finished fourth. 

However, I can not find anything about that race online. It is like it never happened. Strange. Very strange.

[Update 01/13/13 Found the results list]