Peterson Ridge Rumble

Event Stats:
Name Peterson Ridge Rumble
Date 04/15/2007
Location Sisters, OR, USA
Event Ultramarathon (60 km)
Finish Time 08:41:26

Petersons Ridge Rumble is a very low-key ultra marathon, officially 60km, although I think I ran a good 5k on top of that, simply because I got lost twice. Running on a trail and looking out for markings to show you the way is quite different from running on the road.

Weather was great, sunny, but not too warm, the scenery around Sisters, a small town near Bend, Oregon, fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed a long and slow run. I didn’t even attempt to get a good finished time, I was way too happy just to be out there. Wide forest roads gave way to some steep trails, and breathtaking sights.

Aid-stations were not only very friendly, but offered something I haven’t seen on road-races. Real treats – Oreos, M&Ms, pretzels and the like – and not just the power-bars and -gels that seem to be the new monoculture in athlete nutrition. Yummy!

Great food at the finish, which I reached after almost nine hours.