Road Race with a Trail Ending

Event Stats:
Name Vernonia Half Marathon
Date 04/07/2007
Location Vernonia, OR, USA
Event Half Marathon
Finish Time 01:53:54

A week aftter the California Halfironman, the Vernionia Half Marahon was certainly to be booked under ‘active recovery’.

Vernonia is a small village about an hour or so northwest of Portland, OR. Aside from 13 (!) churches, the villages greatest feature (for me, who got up at 5:00 to drive there) was an absolutely fantastic coffee shop.

The race course took was basically a loop on a paved bike path, very falt and smooth. Thing were going smooth, my legs didin’t hurt at all, when suddenly, at about mile 10 two things happened.

It started to rain seriously, and the paved bikepath gave way to a – now rather muddy – gravel and dirt road. But it was way too late in the race to seriously annoy me, so I just picked up the pace a little and finished in 1:54 (so much for recovery ,-)

Awesome raffle at the finish!