Jog and What?

Event Stats:
Name Rock and Jog
Date 09/23/2007
Location Bensheim, Germany
Event Halfmarathon
Finish Time 01:56:00

I saw some advertisement in a German triathlon magazine by the Erdinger brewery (probably best know for their sponsoring of Lothar Leder and Faris Al Sultan) a while back. The advertisement encouraged the reader to become a member of their 'Team Erdinger Alkoholfrei' (‘Alfoholfrei’ meaning 'non-alcoholic'). Intrigued, I checked their website and signed up.

The deal, in my book, is a good one: You pay 20 bucks a year, for this you get some goodies, discounts and can apply for free race entries for races that Erdinger sponsores. So far I have applies for to and got accepted for 2. Not bad. The Bensheim Halfmarathon is the first of them.

Just an hour south of my place in Germany, this race - supposedly - features a ton of bands along the course and the race organizers encourage the folks living along the race venue to turn up their stereos. Hence the name Rock-And-Jog.

The race started at 11 AM, which is quite a relieve after all those early-morning starts in the US. I arrived early, had some breakfast and got to the start. The course, on wide roads and utterly flat, leads through residential areas for the most part and starts and finishes in downtown Bensheim. But apparently everyone was either still asleep, or gone for the weekend, or perhaps running the race. Anyhow, I think I heard about one stereo turned up and 2 bands and that was it. Weak.

Other than that, pretty uneventful race, I had some problem with my right knee, so I took it slow, to not ruin myself a week before Berlin marathon.